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Lions Den Boudoir is here to serve the whole person and help celebrate you.

We aim to support your journey to fabulous. We are here to chronicle your personal accomplishments through beautiful imagery. We encourage you to give yourself the permission to indulge and take care of your physical being. We empower you to dream past what others might criticize or say because you are worthy of self love. Let’s face it, our outer self is a reflection of our inner self and vice-versa. The physical and mental are intertwined and compose the health of our whole being. So yes, call it vanity, call it self care, call it self love. Embrace it and celebrate the complete beauty that is you. 

We Love to Create Beautiful Things

Sharon and her team of passionated designers are constantly creating one of a kind pieces of body harness style lingerie. You can find and purchase those designs on Etsy or here. We strive to make most items adjustable so one size fits most. Wear them to your next sexy event, photoshoot or home! Pair them with your own lingerie or even add a stylish twist to your existing clothing. We hope these pieces inspire you to get creative, have fun and feel sexy!

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White Floral Applique Fishnet Stockings

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Our ideal clients are men and women who are working and doing their best to take care of themselves and their families. But there is a fire or desire deep inside them to take their ordinary life and do something extra ordinary. Everyone lives a life full of exterior and interior expectations, anxieties, societal pressures and judgement. Our clients strive to free themselves from those thoughts that keep them from achieving what they want out of life. They want to do something out of the ordinary, somewhat surprising, exciting and liberating. They want to express themselves, feel beautiful and worthy of being desired, embrace their sexuality. They feel renewed and empowered by this liberation and want to create something inspiring and tantalizing to the senses. They embrace who they are and love all their flaws.



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